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Universal Tripod Laptop Mount.

This incredible laptop mount bracket protects expensive equipment and provides a stable worktable.  The mount has ultimate portability.   Take your laptop into the field without worry of damage.  Table material is 0.5-inch high-density polyethylene with dimensions 12.5 inches by 16.25 inches.  Camera and video tripods have a standard fitting that mounts to the laptop table.  This table has a specially designed strapping system to hold your equipment.

Key Benefits

bulletMount laptops, survey equipment, instrumentation ...
bulletIndustrial / field applications
bulletACAD Drawing
bullet90 degree position adjustment detents
bulletRugged, durable, high strength
bulletFits any standard tripod
bulletSleek plastic design


(shipping charges not included)

Description SKU # Price
Laptop Mount sku-1 $29.95
Tripod sku-2 $59.95

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