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Typical cable run costs:

The tables below assumes a maximum cable run length of 75 feet and new construction.  Remodel and longer runs have a higher cost.  It is recommended that a phone line (Category 5 cable) be run along with each coax RG59 TV cable run. It is also best to run all cables 'home run'.   The material and labor cost is separated.  Often, there are some additional materials that are needed (not included in the materials tables). These items are couplers, amplifiers and cable termination blocks. The cost on these items varies depending on how many cable runs and what type of system is installed.

Cost Per Cable Run Table




Total Cost per Run

TV cable run RG59 cable only




TV cable run RG59 and Category 5




Phone / Network cable run Category 5




Below is a breakdown of materials costs.

Material Costs

Material (per run)


Wall Plate


F connector quantity 2 per run


RG59 cable @ $0.59 per foot @ average 75'


Category 5 cable